Building Authority With Guest Blogging [Video]

In this video I discuss the benefits of guest blogging. Guest blogging is an easy way to build your “authority” and reputation by contributing to outlets who have an audience. It’s a win win situation. It helps you build authority but also helps blog’s who need new content.

Here’s my step by step:

  1. Make a list of blogs, YouTube channels, magazines, etc. who cater to your target market.
  2. Pre-write articles or make videos FIRST.
  3. Reach out to said blogs/channels and ask if they need contributors and tell them about how you can help THEIR audience. Send them your pre-written articles or pre-made videos and give them the choice of choosing which one they want to use.
  4. If they say no, no worries. Move on.
  5. If they say yes… make an effort to continue building a relationship with them by providing more content.

This method has been VERY beneficial to my brand. It’s gotten me on audio podcasts (Recording Studio Rockstars) and popular blogs (Splice Sounds).

You’ll be surprised how many people say yes! (Even if you don’t have your own audience – I didn’t at the time).

Enjoy the video!

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