Benefits Of Producing Music For Clients Online [VIDEO]

In this video tutorial I walk you through the benefits of producing music for clients online (my favorite business model). This is the model I used to land over 800 projects and hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue in just a few short years. Below are the bullet points, and in the video I’ll go more in depth into each one.



If you’re in a small town that doesn’t have many good musicians OR you live in a highly saturated market then going remote may be the solution to some of the problems you’re currently facing. Working remote makes location irrelevant. Some of my most successful clients live in areas that aren’t considered musical destinations. Also, if you like to travel then this model makes it possible to not have to be tied to location. In 2017, one of my clients Mark Eckert ran his production business while traveling to Italy, United Kingdom, Fiji, and Australia.



This model makes a lot of sense financially for a few reasons. You aren’t bound by what other local competitors are charging in your local market. If a studio/producer only charges $200/day and they are the best in town then it makes it difficult for you to charge more. In that scenario, your business depends on someone else’s which is not good. Also, it’s just a numbers game. The more access to potential clients you have the higher chance of landing more projects. There may only be a few hundred thousand people where you live, but there are 7 billion people all over the world. If you can’t serve them then you’re leaving a lot on the table. This is especially useful for those of you in countries where the exchange rate works in your favor.



When you’re doing the local studio thing you generally have to be there for as long as your client wants to be… Especially if you’re being paid by the hour. The trouble is that you find yourself working all day yet their is still a cap on your income/energy. When you’re working remote it’s much easier to balance multiple projects at the same time, and as long as you hit your deadlines for your clients it isn’t a big deal to take some time off and enjoy life. For example, in my production company we had a period of time where we were heavily focused on creating instrumental tracks for artists. The producer that I had at the time (Christian Fiore) was super fast and create a killer track in about 4 hours. He also spent about an hour per day on revisions from previous projects. So he would work from about 9am – 2pm every day and would generate about $700 / per day (that’s what we charged per instrumental at the time). So that’s $3,500/week only working 5 hours per day* and no weekends.

*More like 6 hours per day including admin/business tasks


Don’t need a fancy studio¬†

Let’s face it, in the local market people are going to compare your space to others. In the remote world, the client isn’t in your environment nor cares about what gear you are using. You don’t have to have accommodations for them or drop a bunch of money into real estate or rent either. It’s one of the leanest ways to be in music production and the leaner you are the more choosey you can be with who you work for and what you charge.



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