Hey there, I'm Daniel.

I help working music producers grow their brand and land more artist clients online

In 2012 I left the corporate world and launched one of the fastest growing online music production companies. In just 5 years we had landed over 800 projects, a Billboard charting record, deals with major brands, and provided a ton of paid work to music creators. Now I run Dark Label, a business consultancy that serves both indie and major label music producers. Click below to see how I help my clients keep their schedule packed with high-paying artists...

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From a few clients per month to 300+ clients online, a successful sample pack company (Make Pop Music) and 6-figure revenue in just 3 years. 

Austin Hull

Producer / Songwriter - Orlando, fl

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Increased rate to $2,000/song without major credits, built a powerful network, and launched a profitable business (That Pitch) in 24 months.

Mark Eckert

Producer / DRUMMER - CHArlotte, N.C.

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"Hey man - hope you're doing great. I just wanted to let you know that I'm starting back tomorrow. Landed my 2nd client since working with you and he's paying $900/song. Already got 2 songs going with him and he wants to do 2 more"

Steve Vito
Producer / Writer - Boston, MA

"Hey Dan, just wanted to update you. In the past 4 weeks I got 4 full production projects, 3 songs to record for a new client (with the potential to mix, 3 vocal production jobs, and a potential sample pack project"

Simon Jacobsson
Producer/Writer - Stockholm

"Since being a part of Dark Label I've completed 3 projects and just secured a 6 song EP at $1000/per song. I'm working harder than ever, but I'm more satisfied with where I am at than ever and I want to thank all of you guys for helping"

Rahsaan Lacey
Producer - Charlotte, NC

"Just want to express my love for Dan. I've been able to charge up to $2000 / song and really put in my best work for my clients. It's been 4 months and I've stacked on $12k of new production work "

Randy Kalsi
Producer - London

"Just got off a call with someone who is an ideal client. Closed a one song deal at $900 with a plan to jump straight into others after. I was charging $325 a song before meeting Daniel so this is a big win"

Stephen Youster
Producer - Dublin

"Win: Was really nervous about upping my rate for clients that I had already worked with. Just closed a $3000 project. Repeat client who had paid $500 for the same thing last time"

Steven Martinez
Producer/Writer - Nashville, TN

"I'm excited though. BTW I'm closing a new client. 6 songs at $15k. You provide a very real and tangible service Daniel. I'm so thankful to you"

Jayme David Silverstein
Grammy Nominated Producer - LA

"We're clearing 4 figures / week now. We've been able to double our rate for local clients and start adding long distance clients. Had one in Australia and a few more in the US who actually just traveled to work with us."

The Stu
Production Studio - Greensboro, NC

"I hired Dan to help me make my audio business more consistent so that I could quit a full-time job that I hated. 3 months later I was able to leave that job and I just landed my first gig with a very well connected artist"

Producer - Cincinnati OH

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